Hisamitsu Higasikata

Daiko Advertising Inc.

Coporate Officer, Head of Activation Design Unit

Hisamitsu Higashikata joined Daiko Advertising Inc. in 1980. He had experienced opening up a showroom in Osaka Umeda and developing new products in food and alcohol department. In 2001, he sat on a board as a supervisor of brand design. He was in charge of CI development for major bank and brand development for a Chinese IT company. He has been working in Osaka from 2009 to 2012. During this time, he had seen the great change in Tenjin Marsuri and Umeda, which was meaningful experience for his later career. Since 2014, he has been both a Corporate Officer and Head of Activation Design Unit, and working on developing “One Stop Solution for loyal customer engagement” (translated by dmg)