Kaoru Kounoya

Cloud-Innovation inc,


2009 Joined Cyber Agent Inc., 2013 Found Cloud-Innovation Inc., Cloud-Innovation Inc., not only suppport clients in Advertising Area, but also CRM and Client Data Base. While constructing Data Management from retailing to branding, circulating the installation of DMP to provide solution and marketing gross in marketing overall is another major task. Setting “Data x Creative” as a theme, Cloud-Innovation Inc., not only support Direct Response Marketing, but also aim to create a fusion between Brand Marketing and Creative both domestically and abroad. Past Lectures/Serial Column iPhone/Android Programming School Rainbow Apps にっぽんのマーケター『クラウドで働くマーケターのコラム』 -Japanese Marketer “Column by a marketer working with the Cloud” Took the rostrum at Adtech Kansai 2014