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Takashi Takeda

Avec Lab.


Takashi Takeda is currently CEO of Avec Lab. He studied with Mitsuhiro Takemura, a scholar of media Aesthetics, at Nihon University College of Art, and launched Avec Lab. in 1996 as a scholastic venture project. Following several years of experience of working jointly with a range of client companies, Takeda developed his proprietary theory and methodology with regard to a “consumer online community” so as to put social media to marketing use. At the core of this theory is the “fusion of heartwarming relationships and economic effect.” In 2000, in line with the development of his system, he incorporated Avec Lab. He then took it upon himself to personally visit 2,000 companies. Having earned himself a reputation from the likes of Kao Corporation, Kagome Co., Ltd., Benesse Corporation and others, Avec Lab. has supported the marketing efforts of a cumulative total of 300 companies, earning the top share of the social media development market (according to market research company Yano Research Institute Ltd.). In 2015, the company is set to open offices in Berlin and Osaka. A book authored by Takeda, Theory of Social Media Evolution, was picked up by Japan’s largest book review site, A Thousand Nights for Thousand Books by Seigow Matsuoka, becoming the No. 6 long-term seller. Takeda also works as the host of Japan FM Network’s Kigyou no Idenshi (gene of a company) radio program. Takeda, born in 1974, comes from Kaihin Makuhari outside of Tokyo.