Shigeoki Matsuo

Web Rider Inc.


Born in 1978. Resides in Kyoto. Gained experience with a stage music production company before working independently. Established Web Rider Ltd., in 2010. With a policy of “making things that are difficult to understand simple”, the company specializes in promotions, with a focus on content marketing. The company has helped various clients succeed in attracting customers via the web. Web content published in February 2015 such as “Silent web marketing – Web marketer Bourne counterattack,” as well as a thorough, easy to understand explanation of medical know-how, “Occupational techniques taught by nurses” have each garnered a great number of fans. Not only does “Occupational techniques taught by nurses” host as many as 40 articles, it has also grown into a site that draws 1,000,000 users each month. It has also been featured as a topic in lectures on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and content marketing. The company continues to face the world of web content while sticking to its policy of “making things that are difficult to understand simple.”