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Daniel Leung

MindFree Inc.


Daniel Leung was born in Hong Kong in 1976, and started learning fine art at a university in Canada at the age of 16. Daniel has worked as a content planning art director for design studios and professional management companies of ISP since he arrived in Japan in 2000. After that he has launched on marketing projects in the online venture industry and been responsible for organizational strategy and management strategy. Daniel suggested “novel as well as safe investment CRM solutions to his customers, which bestowed him with the achievement in Kansai region of Japan. Daniel established MindFree Inc on digital marketing industry in 2006. It is widely known for top-level achievement in the fields of web communication and social media in Japan. He has been awarded with many awards such as Clio Awards, and is also popular as lecturer at universities and events. Currently he is working on producing for creation to coexist with business.