Kayo Ootaka

VoiceVision Inc.

CEO / Facilitator

Kayo has been engaged in marketing communications planning and product/ business development for client companies ever since joining Hakuhodo Inc. in 1990, as a professional in marketing strategy planning. At the same time, she has been active as a start-up member of a specialized team for running workshops, serving as facilitator for various clients and public offices. Through her activities, she foresees the social trend towards “co-creation,” and starts a prototype version of the current company in 2011 as “VoiceVisonβ” and explores application of sei-katsu-sha’s (consumers’) voices into company activities. Building solid results with client and public office cases, she founds the current company, VoiceVision Inc., in July 2013 with funding from Hakuhodo Inc. and takes chair as its CEO. She continues to listen to and communicate with sei-katsu-sha (consumers) everyday through her act ivies, with high goals to bring in innovation and bright futures to companies.