C-10_Susumu Kusakabe

Susumu Kusakabe


President & CEO

During the days in Sony Corporation, he led the development of “Felica” technology from the beginning. “Felica” is the contactless smart card platform used broadly, such as Octopus Card in Hong Kong, EZ-Link Card in Singapore, JR’s Suica Card, Edy, ID, QUICK pay, nanaco, WAON, and mobile wallet service of NTT docomo. He also developed a new international standard “NFC”, a new way of wireless communication adopted in mobile devices including smart phone.  He moved to Mitsubishi Corporation in 2005, played a key role in launching a joint venture company, Transaction Media Networks Inc., providing online settlement network service with NFC interface to brick and mortar businesses, with Toyota Financial Services Corporation.  In 2009, He founded QUADRAC Co.,Ltd. and has developed “CCCC” (Close Capacitive Coupling Communication, supposed to be applied in communications using human body as medium) technology and its application products. He has also developed “Q-CORE”, a server specialized for real-time-mass-transaction situation, such as station ticket gates or electric money settlements.